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Industry 4.0

From Asset to SAP Notification

Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 are on everyone's lips.

In their excitement about the beautiful new world, many IT experts forget what it really comes down to in practice: to find out what maintenance works are necessary in advance, without being plagued by false alarms.


Technical Expertise is needed at the Start

When looking at an object's history, an expert will normally know exactly when they would have wanted to find out that a problem had arisen. The next step is to find out how to make that head start possible; how to turn urgent repairs into regular planned maintenance works. Of course, it can also be about reducing on-site inspections. Generally, a lot of intuition and technical expertise is needed to install the right sensors and define the important values which reflect the most critical conditions. In mechanical components, for instance, it is mostly oscillations or small deviations in the precision of a movement, which reveal this valuable information.


The step to SAP can also be small

Our SAP adaptor allows our customers to make that simple step to SAP because it adapts flexibly to the capabilities of monitoring systems. For example, a single email is often responsible for informing maintenance or service about a problem. Our adapter can interpret such information flexibly and without great demands on format. It immediately checks whether the message comes from an authorized asset. If that is the case, a maintenance or service notification is created straight away in SAP, with additional data: the correct reference object, correct code and all documentation. The person needed to rectify the issue is thereby immediately visible in SAP, without unnecessary manual interventions and their corresponding delays.


Everything else depends on you

All our customers – regardless whether wind energy provider or milling processor – have the same next step: a specialist in the office will remotely access the asset and check what needs to be done. The corresponding contracts and organizational agreements can be viewed at a glance in SAP and are easily taken into consideration when making decisions. The technician may be sent to the asset straight away, but it's often not necessary if there is enough time to plan the next steps or if the problem can be corrected remotely. Most importantly, this valuable reaction time hasn't been used up between the first sensor signal to the specialist.