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Mobile Measuring and Grid Jobs

SAP Maintenance Processes at TINETZ

Together with our company WSC, the Tyrolean Net Company (TINETZ) has implemented a mobile solution for the efficient processing of maintenance and measuring orders in a 10,000 square kilometers large and partly quite rough grid area.

“Our purpose while applying mobile SAP solutions has always been to map the entire process from the central order management to the service technician in the field in the best way possible. Important to us is a high quality of data flow in both directions that ensures the execution quality as well as the quality in the planning of maintenance and investment tasks” says Daniel Leismüller, the project manager of TINETZ Tyrolean Net Company.

Measuring Jobs Including Plant Documentation

Most of the processes supported by the mobile WSC solution iMAM are pre-scheduled measuring orders. The individual measuring cycles for the meters are saved as an object in SAP. The particular annual quota of messages is combined to job packages and is directly assigned to the technician or installation teams during territorial dispatching in the area. The orders themselves are then independently scheduled and processed by the local technicians.

To minimize the data volume in the mobile solution, the individual contents and fields are checked for validity and necessity while they remain extendable. During measuring data collection, the values and state of the particular object (OK/not OK) are recorded with a timestamp directly at the measuring point.

Linking the measuring point with the object makes evaluating the measuring jobs much easier. If defects are identified at the object, a follow-up notification is automatically triggered to document the defects and trigger the necessary follow-up tasks.

Grid Orders Including Master Data Entry

If follow-up tasks must be triggered due to measuring jobs and visual inspections, the necessary maintenance and investment tasks are created as grid orders including master data entry. Hereafter the jobs are allocated to the installation service of the respective grid area and the installation foreman dispatches them to the technicians/teams in the field with the aid of the dispatching tool ClickSchedule. This applies to bigger construction activities as well as to the execution of smaller maintenance tasks.

If the master data is changed or completed on-site, the system always triggers a data validation to ensure complete data from an operational as well as maintenance perspective. All results and values after completing the tasks are incorporated in the construction documentation. While installing or removing equipment, installation guides can be saved with the template equipment and are then available for the technicians before or during the fieldwork.

This project - completed successfully at the beginning of 2019 - sustainably improved the working conditions of the TINETZ technicians in the field. “With the intuitive WSC solution we have provided our service technicians with a functional tool that makes it easy to complete the necessary data collection and data management tasks,” says a satisfied Daniel Leismüller.