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Rugged versus Business

Devices for mobile Sales Representatives from Acturion

More demands are often made of technology when used in the field. Specially designed industrial and outdoor tablets score highly because they are well-made and have long-lasting batteries. Despite higher initial costs they are often the better choice.

Rugged tablets and notebooks are made for industrial as well as outdoor usage. They offer users safe access to their IT programs and high availability, wherever they might be. It is true, that nowadays even normal business devices have screens with tempered glass. However, rugged devices further qualify themselves through requirements such as the military standard MIL-STD810 or even the MIL-STD461. The fulfillment of these requirements makes sure that the devices will survive being dropped, even from greater heights, without damaging the casing or the technology within.

This quality has a price and many users ask themselves if their tasks couldn't be done just as well with less expensive business devices. But does this really save money in the long run? Do standard devices function well in the field and can they live up to the demands of their users?


Service advantages and high availability

Rugged tablets and notebooks are specially designed to withstand adversities in the field, such as humidity, water, heat, dust and shock. They also have much longer product life cycles than their more conventional counterparts. A new device generation is current for at least 2-3 years. The devices can then be updated with the latest processors and chipsets. All accessories, such as mounts, docking stations, batteries and carrying options will work for future generations.

A long-lasting battery is very important in the field. Most rugged devices allow batteries to be swapped with ease – usually without tools. Many devices even offer the possibility to install multiple batteries or to hot-swap – which means users can work independently of the network and without interruption. If a tablet or notebook gets damaged, previously set up service agreements make reparations a breeze. In contrast to everyday business devices, which exclude unintended usage from the guarantee, rugged devices simply allow damaged parts to be replaced.

Damaged business devices on the other hand must be sent in for repairs, if there even are replacement components available. True, initial acquisition costs may be less, but complete replacement means a complete integration into the IT landscape every time.

Have you ever thought about the related delays and additional costs?

If you are unsure which device is best suited to your work requirements, consult an IT expert in the early phases of your project. Acturion is a WSC partner and as an independent supplier, supports our customers in finding the right hardware for them. The specialized system house will also take care of hardware servicing and is very knowledgeable in device performance in real operating conditions.