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Good Work just isn't Enough!

Optimal Service Resource Planning and Management

Nowadays it's no longer enough that on-site technicians deliver outstanding service.

It's become just as important for processes before and after the service call to be planned around the customer. Not to mention, company promises to be fulfilled in the way the customer expects.

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group names the most important causes of customer dissatisfaction:

  • The time needed for a service technician appointment to actually be scheduled
  • Technicians not arriving on-time
  • Appointments that do not live up to the customer's expectations

Productive workforce management methods provide more possibilities to improve service quality:

  • With the right software appointment windows can be calculated at any point, so the customer can be given an appointment straightaway. Unnecessary call-backs are made redundant.
  • Sticking to Service Level Agreements and deadlines is no longer a game of roulette. The dispatcher is actively supported in achieving his objectives.
  • Should it still come to a delay, the customer can at least be informed in good time. Speed is not always the deciding factor. It is more important to prevent unnecessary delays and to fulfill the customer’s expectations of timely procedures.

There are not many software systems on the market able to efficiently and reliably handle these challenges. Since 2001 we have been working with ClickSoftware, who offer SAP customers a wide array of options to optimize their service processes. The software operates in the web browser, which removes any need for installations and lets the dispatcher get to work straightaway.

Previous Workforce Management Solutions required powerful service systems, which made it uneconomical for smaller businesses. ClickSoftware recently released a cloud solution, which has significantly reduced the time and effort required to use the system.

The configuration and interface have become more intuitive, so that from a service point of view it is easy to see when, for example, certain service objectives conflict. This makes it a lot easier to decide which strategies should be implemented.

Of course, the new pre-configured cloud solution can be integrated into the SAP world so that employee data, absences, as well as orders, do not have to be maintained in two systems. The scheduled timeslots will immediately be re-transferred to the SAP system, so all further processes remain the same.