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Transferring Travel Times and Distances with the PTV xServer from SAP

Just the right Kilometers

The reliable calculation of travel times and distances is essential to route planning, as well as invoicing with carriers and service providers.

A Solid Basis

WSC has a ready-made solution which provides the correct data directly in SAP ERP, SAP CRM and S/4 HANA. The basis of the WSC solution relies on the proven and tested PTV xServer. Map material is available from all commercial data sources (HERE, TomTom and AND) worldwide. PTV prepares all data to ensure maximum quality, which means the maps are already house number accurate for many regions. Furthermore, toll scenarios are available and up-to-date for all regions.

The WSC solution makes it possible to host the PTV xServer solution with Windows or Linux. The server is also available in the cloud. In all cases, the availability of current map material forms the basis of the maintenance contract.

With this flexible solution, companies can decide for themselves which streets should be used in travel calculations. Individual streets and street segments can be blocked or opened, it can even take into account varying vehicle types. The customization possibilities for vehicles types allow the customer to calculate the most economic route (depending on vehicle height, weight, material being transported). WSC has extensive experience in such projects and a very close relationship with PTV support.

Companies can also decide, in conjunction with carriers and service providers, which vehicle profiles should be used, so calculations can be checked by partner companies at any time. To this end, partner companies can use the widely available PTV desktop product Map&Guide. This builds trust, which helps to avoid resource intensive checks.


What is possible with SAP

WSC provides function modules in SAP, which allow direct access to the PTV xServer in your network or the cloud, after installation. The geocoding of addresses, calculation of travel times and distances becomes child's play. Some standard functions, in particular those for address management, delivery scheduling and service, are already included in the package. Examples are also included in the standard package, which show how easily the xServer functions can be used in your own ABAP/4 programs. Special middleware is not required. The SAP NetWeaver ABAP/4 Basis is more than enough. This means the complete package is usually ready for use within 1-2 days.


What our customers do

The xServer is often used to determine billable kilometers when working with external service providers. For example, one of our customers uses carriers which transport goods on request. Another uses service providers, which transport goods for end customers. Both use xServers to calculate routes and travel times for remuneration. The xServers can also be used to check distances traveled, for example, during business trips and journeys to and from work. This ensures no potential surprises are waiting to be discovered in tax audits. Addresses are automatically geocoded when entered, to ensure that subsequent route planning runs seamlessly and has all the necessary data.