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Phone.: +49(0)30 616987-0
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E-Mail: info@wsc.biz

WESSENDORF Software + Consulting GmbH (WSC)
Erkelenzdamm 59/61 
10999 Berlin

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We would be happy to show you our products and customized solutions in a live demonstration:

Call +49 (0)30 / 61 69 87-0 or send us an email and ask for a demo appointment.

The perishing of insects proceeds dramatically and is noticeable even in the middle of Berlin

This year we donate for butterflies

Thus, our functional and modular-built Farfalle app does not only support service and maintenance, but also helps its namesake in its natural environment.

The impact on the entire ecosystem is so diverse and immense that we can only guess at it.

Therefore, we gave our donation to the NABU this year, which does practical nature conservation work both within Germany as well as internationally. A national foundation is purchasing valuable land to preserve it as a habitat for animals and plants. International projects serve primarily to protect climate, preserve biological diversity, and improve human living conditions.

By the way, the NABU is offering a web app on its website that helps in identifying insects. There are – especially in summer – a lot of beautiful surprises to be discovered.

New iMAM 5.0 version was launched

iMAM 5.0 - the Mobile Solution for Maintenance and Customer Service

With nearly fifty new functions and improvements to the former version.

More Transparency thanks to Mobile Checklists at BLS