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Our contact details are:
Phone.: +49(0)30 616987-0
Fax: +49(0)30 616987-87

WESSENDORF Software + Consulting GmbH (WSC)
Erkelenzdamm 59/61 
10999 Berlin

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We would be happy to show you our products and customized solutions in a live demonstration:

Call +49 (0)30 / 61 69 87-0 or send us an email and ask for a demo appointment.

Effective Mobile Solutions for Field Service Technicians

Turn your Technicians into mobile Ambassadors!

Consistent on-site documentation of results gives technicians’ reports the relevance they deserve within the company.

Asset Documentation on Request with LinkOne

The Complete Works on the Shelf or Up-to-Date Documentation On-Site?

We’ve all heard these excuses before: “information is outdated by the time it reaches the printers” and “no customer wants to watch the technician reading documentation”.

Transferring Travel Times and Distances with the PTV xServer from SAP

Just the right Kilometers

The reliable calculation of travel times and distances is essential to route planning, as well as invoicing with carriers and service providers.