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WESSENDORF Software + Consulting GmbH (WSC)
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PTV Group – Our Partner to Optimize Transport and Logistics

Calculation of Travel Times, Kilometers and Expenses with SAP Integration

PTV Group's modular developer components cover all relevant logistics processes from truck route calculation, over route planning and optimization to field service management and the exact calculation of travel and arrival times, toll costs and CO2 emissions.

PTV's developer components, the PTV xServers, can be used to calculate optimized routes for vehicles, taking external factors such as opening hours and current traffic conditions into account and integrating last minute order changes. Thanks to its extensive and detailed databases, the software delivers optimal results. Companies and their logistics service providers thus not only save time and money, but also reduce environmental pollution. With the WSC xServer-SAP-Adaptor, all vehicle and personnel costs incurred as well as the toll to be paid are included in the current route planning. All completed trips can then be broken down precisely and billed transparently.

For over 20 years, WSC in partnership with the PTV Group has thus been designing highly efficient business processes for logistics companies and service providers .