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Effective Mobile Solutions for Field Service Technicians

Turn your Technicians into mobile Ambassadors!

Consistent on-site documentation of results gives technicians’ reports the relevance they deserve within the company.

Regardless of the hype about augmented and virtual reality, camera enabled documentation combined with relevant checklists makes work easier. Mobile devices have long played an important role in helping technicians to know when, how and where they have to complete their work. Whether the appointment is fixed or whether the technician can decide the precise time themselves, varies with each of our customers.

It's important for us to support both processes equally: quick and frequent synchronization as well as efficient transfer and local storage of even more orders. We have developed a very effective method, which even with large data quantities and high numbers of technicians, doesn't spoil the joy of working with mobile solutions.

In almost every implementation scenario the mobile device replaces the confirmation sheet. Times, materials and problem descriptions can be quickly and easily documented. If needed, our solution even provides an overview which can also be sent in PDF form to the customer and digitally signed by them on the device.


The language everyone understands

With the right mobile application, not only customer service, but also the sales, quality assurance and construction departments can understand what is really going on at the customer's. Thanks to the modern day integration of cameras on most end devices, photos and documenting an object’s condition have today come to form a single unit. Combined with the corresponding backend analysis possibilities, technician reports no longer needs to disappear in piles of paperwork, but can really be used to resolve and prevent future issues.

Well-structured checklists are more than a compulsory exercise in the documentation of operations. The employee receives a tool in which they can easily record their results, as if on paper, while simultaneously accessing relevant documentation for every stage of their work. This allows the condition of assets to be systematically evaluated. Decisions, such as extending and shortening maintenance cycles, are supported by information thoroughly documented in the backend. Whether these decisions are made automatically or manually, can be set within the system.


Technology to enjoy

iMAM runs on all commonly used operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows) with identical code. This allows complete flexibility when choosing hardware, even after the project has begun.

The SAP DataOrchestrationEngine (DOE) ensures efficient data replication. Thanks to this perfected technology, you don’t need a separate SAP installation only for the middleware. Simultaneously, the DOE makes sure that data is available for synchronization as soon as it is created, not just when data should be synchronized on the end device. This ensures quick synchronization, even at times when more information needs to be available both on- and offline on the end device.


You are not alone

Thousands of technicians from large and middle-sized companies use iMAM in their live environments everyday. Among them, for example, you will find service companies like CLAAS, KUKA and VELUX as well as energy providers such as E.ON, EWE and Stadtwerk Winterthur. The solution is pre-configured for SAP, but it can also be tailored to customer specific requirements. Let us show you how you can customize the solution yourself or help you, along with our implementation partners, to adapt the technology to meet your business needs.